GKL gives you what you want from your analog gear: Power and clarity with a touch of colour.  A new sound for your audio arsenal, designed to integrate into a modern workflow with stepped, recallable settings and impressively low noise.

GKL’s products are not copies of vintage equipment.  GKL’s technologies have been developed from the ground up using the best aspects of modern components and circuit topologies with a classic attention to detail, build quality, and discrete, musical design.



GKL uses all-discrete, socket based modules allowing for ease of upkeep, repair, and a consistent sound within the product line.  The transformer-less super-balanced input stage, single-ended balanced output stage, and ultra low-noise microphone amp are made possible by the robust design of the GKL514 op-amp and the high-voltage (+/- 30V) power supply rails used in GKL equipment.  These design choices allow for minimalist signal paths with tons of headroom.  The super-balanced input and single-ended balanced output uses only one GKL514 amplifier each, keeping your audio path pure while still providing excellent CMR and the ability to seamlessly integrate with both balanced and unbalanced equipment.



Our discrete low noise circuitry is a mix of modern precision engineering and old school analogue character.  Using high performance low noise bipolar transistors, precision metal film resistors and C0G capacitors, along with a thoughtful layout the GKL514 is a solid high performance amplifier with exceedingly low noise and distortion, and great temperature stability.  We've taken great care into producing each operational amplifier.  Each one has been put through extensive electrical measurements and comprehensive listening tests to bring you the best signal path we can!


We have performed measurements and listening tests on literally hundreds of different makes, models, and types of components.  GKL uses only the best performing and best sounding parts in their designs; no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path, DC coupling wherever possible, gold plated connectors, Grayhill and Bournes switches, WIMA and Kemet PET and polypropylene capacitors, etc. Surface-mount components are used only where they can improve performance over other parts, providing faster, better matched transistors, lower noise and distortion passive components, and circuit layouts with less stray capacitance and inductance.



GKL is focused on providing a classic analogue sound that integrates with the modern recording studio.  Our MA05’s intuitive user interface is controllable from the front panel AND through software.  GKL plans to offer an entire line of compressors, EQs and studio routing solutions with the same combination of vintage tone and modern control.  GKL is working on VST and AAX compatibility via Ethernet to allow the settings and automation to be recalled with your DAW’s session; combining the convenience of digital with a pure analog signal path.