GKL is based in Montréal Québec. The company was formed in 2013 by brothers Robert-Eric Gaskell (Ph.D. Sound Recording, ABD) and Peter Gaskell (Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, ABD).  Born of over a decade of research, development, and study with industry giants such as Wes Dooley (Audio Engineering Associates, AEA), George Massenburg (GML, MDW), and Harold Kilianski (O’Henry), GKL combines musicality with technical excellence.  Our products are proudly handmade in Montréal, keeping with a classic philosophy of build quality and modular, discrete design. Just like the city in which they are made, GKL products have a defined sound - modern and musical. GKL manufactures professional analogue audio equipment for the 21st century.

GKL’s start-up has been made possible by a generous grant from Montréal Inc.