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All-Discrete Five Channel
Remote Controlled Mic Amp.


  • Modern, All-Discrete, Transformerless Design
  • Uses GKL514 Discrete Op Amps and GKL DBIA Mic Amp Modules
  • +/-30V DC Power Rails for Extended Headroom and Power
  • Ultra-Low Noise PNP Transistor Array Input
  • Low Distortion, High Slew Rate and Extended Frequency Response
  • DC Coupled, Capacitor-less Signal Path in Dynamic and Ribbon Mode
  • High Precision, Single Amplifier Balanced Output with > +28dBu Clip
  • Wide Gain Range from 0dB to +69dB of Gain in 3dB Steps
  • Remote Controllable and Recallable via Ethernet
  • Distinctive Aesthetics and Renowned GKL Build Quality