All-Discrete, transformer-less mic preamp and passive program equalizer.

This popular design sold out of its first run in 2 months. The mic amp is the same design found in the MA05 combined with our take on the classic Pultec PEQ-1a passive equalizer.  The MA•PEQ offers an all-discrete signal path using GKL’s 514 op-amps in its super-balanced line input, ultra low-noise mic amp and single-ended, high-power balanced line output. The rear panel provides both mic and line inputs for easy system integration.

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  • Uses GKL514 Discrete Op Amps
  • Modern, All-Discrete, Transformerless Design
  • +/-30V DC Power Rails for Extended Headroom and Power
  • Separate Line and Mic XLR Inputs for Easy System Integration
  • Classic Pultec Style EQ Filter with Added High Frequency Boost Function
  • True Bypass for PEQ filter
  • Wide Gain Range from 0dB to +68dB of Gain
  • 4dB Stepped Gain Control with Grayhill Switch
  • Distinctive Aesthetics and Renowned GKL Build Quality

Min Gain
20 dB (0dB w/ Pad)
Max Gain
62 dB (68 dB w/ boost)
Mic Pre Gain Steps
12x 4dB steps
Clipping (light on / actual)
26dBu / 28 dBu
VU Meter
(0VU = +4dBu) -32, -8, -4, 0, +4, +8, +16, +28 VU (clip)
Noise Floor
> -98 dbu
THD+N 40dB gain, 1kHz (Output = +4dBu / +20dBu)
0.004% / 0.010%
CMR (20Hz / 1kHz / 20kHz)
CMR -82.2 dB / -80.8 dB / -80 dB
EIN (gain = 20db / 40dB / 60dB)
EIN -118.5 / -126.8 / -128.2 dB
Power Consumption
15VA Max
Size (actual / shipping)
1RU (19" x 1.75" x 8") / (22" x 4" x 12")
Weight (actual / shipping)
5 lbs / 8 lbs
Mic In XLR, Line In XLR, Line Out XLR, IEC 110V / 220V fixed
+48V, -20dB Pad, Gain, Input Select. Low: Boost, Freq Select, Attenuate. Mid: Bandwidth, Freq Select, Boost. High: Attenuate, Freq Select, Boost. Bypass